Auto Air Conditioning Melbourne

Auto Air Conditioning Melbourne

Auto Air Conditioning Melbourne

Car AirConditioning systems contain refrigerant and lubrication liquids which need to be maintained and failure to do so can result in compressor failure which is going to cost you a lot of money. There are also filters which can become clogged with dust and filth which also need to be regularly maintained or replaced.

How long between car air-conditioning services?

Auto air conditioning systems lose refrigerant on a regular basis and is quite normal but to maintain liquid levels it is advised you get an annual service for your car air-conditioning system.

Car air-conditioning systems travel into the car cabin via ducting which filtered and it is these filters that should be replaced on a regular basis and depending on the climate and pollution levels you drive through, they should be replaced at least once a year.

Air-conditioning services throughout the Melbourne area

We provide, car air-conditioning services throughout the Melbourne area and our most regular customers come from Eltham, Greensborough, Macleod, Diamond Creek and surrounding areas.

It is important to note that a clean well-maintained, air-conditioning system will also allow your car to run more efficiently. Our car air-conditioning services include checking for leaks using coloured dyes which can provide clues for hard to find leaks, checking the air conditioning condenser and compressor and of course previously mentioned all the air filters that lead into the car cabin.

A few ideas to maintain your car air conditioner

You can try running your auto air-conditioning system for a few minutes on a regular basis, so once or twice a month even when you don’t need it, which will keep the hoses, valves and pumps lubricated.

Check you car Air Conditioning Service Regularly

In Melbourne the weather is so changeable you never know when you’re going to need your car air-conditioning system working for you so is good practice to keep it well-maintained and in working order. Don’t wait till the hot summer months before checking system and getting it serviced.

Well maintained Car Air Conditioning help allergies & asthma sufferers

On a health note it is wise to understand that people suffering from allergies or asthma will be better served in a well-maintained air conditioned car because clean filters prevent or at least reduce the possibility of harmful bacteria and fungus getting into your system.

A Professional Car Air-Conditioning Service in Melbourne

So if you’re looking for a professional car air-conditioning service in Melbourne no matter where you will from Eltham, Greensborough, Macleod, Diamond Creek or any of the surrounding areas you are sure of a pleasant surprise by allowing us to provide you the best car air-conditioning services there are to be found.

With every car air-conditioning service we provide the following checks:

  • Check and replace filters
  • Check and replace hoses and components
  • check review refrigerants and lubricant and replacement of operating gas
  • we are just any mechanical drive belts and pulleys
  • check your thermostats and valves
  • we sanitise and deodorise your air conditioning system

Because, car air-conditioning systems are very complicated mechanically you will find that regular maintenance will pay off in the long run as a small defect in one part of the system can carry on to cause critical problems in another part of the system. Here at Monteltham auto Electric we will take great care of you and your car provide you with a first-class diagnostic to head off any future problems with keeping cool in the hot summer months to come. Give us a call we will be happy to help.

Remember Moneltham Auto Electric provide regular car services and we are part of the Bosch Car Service network, the largest network of independent workshops in Australia.

12 Month Warranty All work is performed with backing of a nationwide 12 month warranty system through the Australian Association of Automotive Electricians (AAAE) and also VASA


Car Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning

Car air conditioning maintenance and repair.

Lets face it Melbourne can get extremely hot in the summer with several 40° days expected and with this kind of climate you have to have effective air conditioning for your car or find it very uncomfortable driving around city. If you have car air-conditioning installed there are a few things to consider regarding your car air con maintenance. Car conditions contain a gas which on average is depleted by 10% every year and as it loses the gas, it will stop effectively producing as much cold air.

Re-gassing a cars air conditioning unit is not a big deal and does not take long but it is one of those things that we can check very quickly. We can carry out checks for leaks dirty receiver dryer is, we can check the system pressures and there is also a drive belt on the compressor that we can adjust. The whole thing can be done within the hour and may save you a lot of discomfort in the hot months to come. Why don’t you give us a ring today to book an appointment for a checkup. Auto air-conditioning is an area we excel in and we will be only too glad to give you peace of mind with your car cooling system.