How to get the best out of your Car Air Conditioning

From the Monteltham Auto Electric engineers ways to be more efficient with your auto air conditioning unit. With the summer coming up soon and the temperatures rising, your car air conditioning is going to get turned on to the max.

Many of these tips are common sense and the first one is when you first get into your car and its boiling hot, open all the windows first before you turn on the air conditioning. Here in Melbourne it gets hot in the summer and a car with its door and windows closed, sitting in the sun, heats up like a furnace. Open the windows and get your car moving down the road first to get rid of all the super hot air that has accumulated in the interior of your car. This is a priority before you turn on the car air conditioning.

There is a trend to cool your car down before you move, this is a mistake your car air conditioning work much better when car is moving and the engine is turning over at a decent revs. the A/C compressor runs better when the engine is running at a higher revs.

Another tip is to use the Auto button as this does exactly what it says on the button, it make the process of stabilising the temperature automatic is is an efficient mode.

Although there is generally no need to use the car air conditioning in the winter it is still a good idea to run it for a few minuets every so often during this time as this will help keep the system running in good condition.

It goes without saying that mechanical systems need servicing, they have parts that wear out and need to be renewed. Filters need to be changed and in some cars this is not difficult and you can change your air condition filter without much trouble. With other vehicles this may be more difficult and you will have to get a professional job done. Here at Monteltham Auto Electrics we specialise in Car air conditioning and provide a specialise service for this.

Here are a few things that can go wrong and tend to be seen to regularly:

  • The refrigerant gas need replacing. There is a natural loss over time.

  • The air is filtered before it is blown into the cabin of the vehicle and these filters get clogged and require replacement

  • There are many tubes and pipes that may leak and Monteltham Auto Electric check them all in our regular service

  • Included in this inspection are the drive belts, pulleys and all hoses and associated components.

  • We check everything and include an anti bacterial treatment for all the air ducts

Where ever you are from in Melbourne give us a call or book a service, we are here to help and provide the very best in service and reliability.