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Our TIR optics range which stands for “Total internal reflection” has great optical design and the injection-moulded plastic polymers is shaped into a refractive lens inside a reflector.

The LEDs, include a clever feature which precisely focuses each LED and so provides minimal glare and stray light to the final beam, which is great for any oncoming traffic.

The eliminate scattered light loss is only half the story because the cost is also greatly reduced.


Total Internal Reflection

7” (189mm x 175mm x 65mm)

TIR9, a larger 9” version (244mm x 228mm x 73mm),

Powerful directed lighting for greater safety and visibility. This means better value!

When you are driving in tough off-road environments you need equipment that is designed to withstand the rigours and these lamps fit the bill as they are housed in die-cast aluminium for the best strength and also boast an adjustable strong painted 4mm stainless steel mounting bracket.  The bolts and fittings are also stainless steel.


Additionally included are rubber dampers which for obvious reasons prevent the worst of the vibrations. As for testing they have been tested and passed the IP68 water and dust ingress requirements They have also been thermally tested to -50°c to +75°c which means either hot or cold environments are going to be no problem!

In the TIR7 we use 32 high powered 5-watt Osram LEDs which has a total output of 160 Watts giving you 25200 Raw Lumens.

TIR9, the larger of the two has 37, 5-Watt Osram LEDs at 185 total watts giving you 27800 Raw Lumens.

Inbuilt park light function

  • PMMA TIR lens material
  • Clean white light – 6500k
  • Safe driving vision.
  • Voltage range of 9-32 Volts
  • The current draw of 9.2 Amps for the 7” and 12.0 Amps for the 9”.

LED Autolamps provides a harness wiring kit which is easy to fit including yellow, blue and clear polycarbonate protective covers as accessories.

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