Auto Electrics - Car Servicing and Repairs

Our skills include:

  • Automotive Electrician- RMIT University
  • Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Electronics (5 years part-time)- Box Hill TAFE
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Course- Batman College
  • Advanced Auto-Electrical- Batman College
  • VASA industry training
  • Several specialised Air-conditioning and Electronics Courses


  • Welding- Oxy,Arc, Mig and Tig Over the years the type of work we do has diversified into many areas, some of these achievements being:
  • Development of specialised tooling and equipment for fellow Auto Electricians
  • Production of illuminated road signs for construction companies to aid traffic management
  • Registered installers for the ‘Securearth” range of products used for vehicle tracking
  • Installation of over 200 immobilisers through the local Banyule Council scheme to reduce car theft in the community


Our Staff and Equipment

We work as a team at MEAE- all are registered Auto-Electricians or working their way through an apprenticeship.

All of our staff are part of the VASA Registered Technicians program and attend regular specialised industry training courses. Car Service

MEAE has several software packages to keep us up to date with all the latest vehicle information, including ‘Autoexpert’ by Petroject and Autodata by VACC. We have invested in specialised computer scanning equipment for EFI vehicles to diagnose stored fault codes in the vehicle’s memory including Launch and Snapon Scan tools and the latest Bosch Oscilloscope.

We have invested over $120,000 to ensure we have the latest stock and equipment, including refridgerant identifying equipment and leak detection devices. We have the ability to custom make A/C hoses onsite to delay downtime of client’s vehicles and save on costs.

Our goal is to further develop and extend our air-conditioning and auto-electric expertise, to specialise in a number of areas, such as A/C complex system repairs and repairs of specialised auto-electrical and neumatic switch gear on commercial vehicles.