Alcohol Interlocks-Smart Start

Smart Start Installation

smartstartMonteltham Auto Electrics is an authorised supplier of alcohol interlock devices to the Victorian market, we service, install and remove your Smart Start alcohol Interlock. Most cars can have the interlock fitted within a short notice.

Supported by experienced staff and service agents, we can assist you in getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

Smart Start’s SSI-2020 alcohol interlock device is an approved unit for measuring a driver’s breathe alcohol concentration.

Easily mounted in the vehicle, the SSI-2020 offers functionality that meets all Victorian Government legislation giving you peace of mind that your unit will operate as it.

Monteltham Auto Electrics will assist you with your alcohol rehabilitation requirements including:

  • Device installation
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Device data maintenance
  • Device removal

Monteltham Auto Electrics adheres to the strict Alcohol Interlocks guidelines and conforms to all aspects of the required legislation.

SSI – 2020

The SSI-2020 unit is the newest, most reliable alcohol interlock device within the Australian market. This unit can be combined with the photo ID camera module, which is small camera that is mounted to the inside of the driver’s side windscreen.

How It Works

Unlike a hand held breathalyzer this device is installed into a vehicle to measure the breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of the intended driver. It will prevent the vehicle being started or operated if the BAC is over the preset limit. The SSI-2020 has built in anti-circumvention features which prevent the driver from trying to override the unit. The SSI-2020 includes a rolling retest requirement on a random time basis to ensure that the driver has not been drinking since the vehicle was first started.

The photo ID unit captures a picture of the breath test subject at the time any breath test is undertaken. The unit stores the pictures electronically and it also records the date and time in combination with the interlock unit’s logger. The camera operates in any light conditions, i.e. both day time and night time.

By using the photo ID module unit, Smart Start interlocks can positively identify the user of the device and positively identify anyone who has recorded a violation.

Features of the SSI-2020 unit with the photo ID module

  • Small convenient size
  • Numeric keypad allows easy recall of appointment time and date
  • Allows entry of lockout code to temporarily extend service appointment after lockout, preventing the extra cost of a towing charge
  • Fully programmable options, including restricted drive times, if required
  • Built in microchip records all test results, engine starts, engine stops, disconnections and tampering for later review and reporting
  • Integration with Smart Start’s patented Photo ID camera module records the identification of the user

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