Dual Battery Systems

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    Dual Battery SystemsAdvantages of a Dual Battery System

  • You can have the traditional dual battery system, which is a deep cycle battery which is isolated from the starting battery.
    This allows you run camping appliances without the risk of flattening your starting battery.

    Or you can run two cranking batteries in parrelel to double the amps available to your starter motor or winch, making either work a lot better when under load.

  • You get to start your vehicle engine after camping all weekend with the Fridge running & the radio going;
  • You can still start the engine again after winching your vehicle up and over that last dirty great rock step or thru the river where the engine stalled;
  • You can camp for 24 hours without having to run the engine for at least an hour to recharge the battery; and probly a heap more along those lines.
  • If you go off the beaten track, it’s an insurance policy against having a battery fail & finding that it is impossible to get jump start you where you are, and to get a tow truck in.
  • Camping, winching, even just four wheel driving is hard on batteries, and many vehicles simply don’t work too well without some electrical power, so a dual battery system means you can get back to civilisation instead of having to leave the vehicle out there while you walk out!

Anderson Power Connectors

Anderson Plug Installation

We can Install Anderson plugs to any vehicle or equipment. With the use of a relay or isolator
the Power supply at the Anderson plug, can be controlled.

Lead, Double Anderson SB50 to Single SB50 Extension.


  • Rating: 50 amps
  • Twinflex 6 sq mm cable. Rated to 62 Amps continuous
  • Extremely flexible, won’t kink or tangle
  • Stainless steel screws.


Brake Control Units–Break Control Unit

We stock and Install a range of Brake control units including the Redarc Remote type brake control unit, Tekonsha P1 P2 AND P3 units also GSL 24V Brake control units for trucks and machinery.

Redarc Auto Products

We carry a range of REDARC Products including battery isolators, voltage regualtors, and brake control units.
We can supply and fit a large range of battery accessories for your vehicle.
Redarc, piranah, arb products


RedArc Solar Systems

We at Monteltham are a official installers of REDARC PRODUCTS for the SOLAR PROGRAM.
We stock a range of solar panels and equipment.
More Information on products that we stcok can be found here



Flding Solar Panel

Batteries and other Products

Adelco Batteries

We carry a full range of ACDELCO Batteries at MontEltham Auto electrics.
ACDELCO batteries come with a 30month warranty and are maintenance free.
We can also fit batteries.
We can also supply and fit golf buggy batteries