Auto Dual Battery Systems

Auto Dual Battery Systems

Based in Montmorency we provide auto electrical services for the surrounding area including Greensborough, Diamond Creek and Eltham. The dual battery system for your car or four wheel drive, offer significant advantages over the single battery, as we will explain.

The dual battery system we provide you will depend on your vehicle, caravan or camper and how much you use it. We customise your system, whether it is an under-the-hood system, or just the battery system in your camper. It is fitted so that it is isolated from your car starter battery. It can also work in conjunction with solar panels or chargers.

Some dual battery system may require a DC-DC charger and this is most likely in late model vehicles having variable voltage and various compensating alternators. The point being that with some alternators it is just not possible to fully charge a second battery, the voltage outputs are just too low.

Fullriver Dual Battery SystemsThe main advantages of the dual battery system is to provide an alternative power source while off road or away from an electrical supply where you need that extra power for the camping fridge, camp lighting, or 250 volt power inverter. If you have ever try to do this with a single car battery you will soon realise that there just is not enough stored power in a single battery to power all your utilities without seriously draining your car battery to the extent that you will be unable to start your engine.

There is always the alternative to keeping your car engine running so it is constantly charging your car battery while providing power to the camping fridge, but in most circumstances this is an impractical solution.

The answer to this power gap is the dual battery system. The principal behind the dual battery system is that the two batteries are connected together and both get charged while the engine is running. Whilst you are stationary and the engine is turned off, you can plug your utilities in using the secondary battery which is isolated form your primary battery, so there is never any chance of draining you main auto power source.

Fullriver Dual Battery Systems Eltham Diamond Creek GreensboroughWe provide two products which we can discuss their individual merits with you after finding out your requirements. The two dual battery systems we provide are: Full River USA and Radarc

All our batteries are maintenance free and come with warranty.

Redarc Dual Battery Systems Eltham Greensborough Diamond Creek

Redarc Dual Battery Systems

We use REDARC in-vehicle Battery Chargers which is the latest in DC to DC charging technology.
REDARC in-vehicle Battery Charger feature a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator, and will charge from solar sources and the alternator simultaneously and the ‘Green Power Priority’ feature will select solar charging first, alleviating alternator load.

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