Diamond Creek isn’t renowned for mechanics who specialise in auto electrics that’s why we have taken the time here to inform you of our specialist car electrics services to the area. Our qualified auto electrician technicians have the training you can trust to get your car ready for the road quickly and efficiently using sound car electrical components which after all is what your car performance relies upon.

We provide components and support for engine, computer systems and can maintain all electronic fuel injection and engine management systems. All your car lighting systems including brake lights LEDs and headlights, we provide full support repairs and maintenance.

The winter always takes its toll on car batteries and card charging systems, alternator and coils. With every car service we check these thoroughly and if necessary we suggest replacements and can provide most major brands.

During the colder months your cars starting system may also need seeing to and we provide new starter motors, engine leads and all the components required for the ignition system. Our Bosch car services are amongst the best in Melbourne and of the highest standard.

We provide all the electrical car accessories you need to keep your car in tiptop condition including: wiring, electric windows auto dashboard instruments and all car electric brakes.

It is true that in Melbourne, Monteltham Auto Electrics provide one of the best car air-conditioning services on offer. If your car does not have air conditioning we can provide you with an economic auto air-conditioning system that will provide you with endless hours of both cool car interiors during the summer months, and warm car interiors in the winter months. We also provide a full car air-conditioning maintenance service where we check all the air conditioning system components for ware and change all the air filters, and checking all the ducting.

For your peace of mind we only use quality parts to ensure your car runs smoothly and efficiently to minimise breakdowns and component failure. We provide an auto electrics service throughout Melbourne but those suburbs nearest to us include Diamond Creek, Eltham, Greensborough, McLeod, Heidelberg and surrounding areas.

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