Car Electrical & Auto Servicing Eltham – Greensborough

As a quality Auto Electrical Service in Eltham, Monteltham Auto Electric provide the Bosch Auto Service.

A Bosch service at Monteltham Auto Electric provide Bosch products where available, for the service. Bosch products are very high quality, and meet or surpass vehilce manafacturers standards.

Car service includes:

  • Wheel rotation, full brake check
  • Top up all fluids
  • Check lights
  • Wiper blade wear
  • Stamp and check off the log book on all new and used vehilces.

Monteltham Auto Electric also offer experience with insurance and warranty company work. Unlike large vehicle companies you can get lost easily in the system, here, you get to talk directly to the tech working on your vehilce instead of a receptionist that is trying to relay information. They are all qualified auto electricians and or mechanics and are always updating knowledge and further training courses, vehicle technology changes day by day and it is ever imortant to keep up with improvements in car technology.

Many large dealerships hire services here, for call outs to fix vehicles and where dealerships will only service your vehilce, anything more, and they call in the auto electricians. Monteltham Auto Electric  conveniently do both car servicing and repair, and car electrical repair and servicing.

Monteltham Auto Electric have been operating in this location since 1989, they say, “we do our best every day and that can be seen by our happy customers picking up their cars at the end of the day, we either meet or surpass customer expectations and we like a challenge , every day is a new day. We are a bit of a hub here for all the franchises that surround us, if the problem becomes too hard they call us in, and thats what we are here for. Safety first!”